Editor’s Pick & June Recap

For this months pick I am pleased to share a couple videos from some of my favorite youtuber’s. Each one may have their own flare, but all of them teach with the concept of developing symbiosis with the natural world. If you like what you see below then you may consider checking out their own personal youtube channels.

First is a series by a man named Eric who’s channel is called GardenFork. He presents a lot of DIY projects. Anything from baking bread to producing maple sugar, to setting up a bee-hive or identifying wild edibles. In this video he quickly shows us what a coral mushroom looks like and how to harvest it.

This next video is from a channel called SuburbanHomestead developed by a man name  Siloé Oliveira. Like its name suggest this channel provides great garden and kitchen based projects, inspiring the gentlemen farmer to get up and get producing.

Last but not least is a video from the channel MCQBushcraft. His drive to make the most of natures provisions is best summed up in his own words. “Educating yourself about your surroundings and having the core skills to sustain yourself using your environment is a lost curriculum in the United Kingdom. We are well provided for, so well that ‘why do anything if somebody else will do it for you’. This lifestyle has drastically disconnected people from having the knowledge and skills required to spend even one night in the woods and not get hungry.” -Michael McQuilton

June Recap

About one month ago from today, I walked in the evening sun along the Willamette river and picked myself a couple handfuls of Pineapple Weed. Drying the flower buds I made some tea.

Article – Wild Edibles – Pineapple Weed Tea

Two weeks later I set voyage on an epic drift down the same river from Corvallis to Albany, finding some treasures along the way.

Article – Adventure – Foraging Medicine Bottles

Taking advantage of the ‘in season’ goodies I covered a 5 step process of Blanching and Vacuum Freezing Forage.

the northwest forager by hank holly
Article – How to – Blanch & Vacuum Freeze Forage

A week before the month wrapped up I took a day trip to the Oregon coast, enjoying the local berries and reflecting on the natives wild paradise of their time.

Article – Wild Edibles – Salal

Thank you for your continued support. Each repost, like and comment gives me the drive to continue sharing my passion with good folks like you!

Thanks for reading and as always, Happy Foraging!

Henry H.

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