The 4 Basics – August

Foraging is a fun way enjoy the outdoors and at the same time add some new foods to our diet. Imagine though your put into a situation where wild edibles was your only source of food. I’m talking about a survival situation. Knowing what to eat and when it’s available can make all the difference. That is why I decided to introduce this series “The 4 basics”. Once a month learn of the 4 basic wild foods that may supplement the complete nutritional needs to prevent starvation – sources of Protein, Carbs, Sugar, Vitamins & Minerals.

the 4 basics by the northwest forager the 4 basics by the northwest forager

More Reading: CrawfishWild Carrot Salal Berry Plantain – Narrowleaf Plantain 

Thanks for reading and as always, Happy Foraging!

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