SOLD! “The Hypsie Wagon” $4,999

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“The Hypsie Wagon”

My wife and I are selling our first ever camp trailer dubbed The Hypsie Wagon (a mix between Hipster and Gypsy). I built this for us last summer right after we got married and though its been a blast, we would like to start the next chapter in our life. It’s super cozy inside. Just put yourself in the pictures! Imagine the sound of the rain drops on the tin while you kick back and read a book and drink some coffee. Or perhaps the camp fire is crackling out front and you hear a creek in the distance as you cuddle with the one you love.
Ah yea…!

My goal when building this was to fall under the following criteria:
Make it lightweight.
Make it cute.
Make it practical.
And I believe it fits the bill!

The design is reminiscent of an Asian style boat with the color schemes of a barn while having a slight gypsy feel. The structure was framed like an airplane making it extremely lightweight and yet very sturdy. The front has a miniature deck (repurposed aged wood) perfect for strapping a storage tote. The entire metal roofing is insulated underneath with 3/4″ tech foam. On the inside the ceiling is upholstered with canvas capped by cedar strips. It has a fold over sitting area folding into a bed frame that has storage and storage baskets underneath.

It’s outfitted with: a 12v 5 watt solar panel (folds up for better sun absorption) and with USB charging ports, a 110 smart utility power plug, ceiling lights, USB powered LED string lights, both an electric and a propane cooker and a fold up counter for cooking on, two USB powered vent fans (one in the floor for intake and one in the ceiling for out moving), ceiling/wall storage nets, two wall hooks for coats, one tablet/ipad/cell phone gooseneck holder (for watching movies/web surfing), a rechargeable USB battery bank (powers lights and fans for hours!), a carbon-monoxide detector, one kerosene lamp and outdoor lamp holder, 3 porthole windows (2 that open, and custom sheer curtains soon to come!), locking door with 2 keys, a restored vintage trailer stabilizing jack. Both the front and back outside walls are double coated with an oil based paint and the underside coated with rubberguard paint. Lots of brass and copper hardware for a quality nautical vibe! This trailer is both water tight and air tight, and tows no problem!

I may have missed some things so please be sure to ask lots of questions. Although the main structure was finished in time to use last summer, I’ve spent the last six months off and on completing all the little details. It was hard to price but considering most people ask between $5,000 – $10,000 for their homemade teardrop campers I think $5,000 is pretty fair.

Trailer weight approx. 700 LB (approx. 700 more LB till maxed out).
GVWR 1400 LB Axle with 4″ on 4″, 12″ high speed wheels (65MPH)
Tongue weight approx. 75 LB (trailer can be moved by hand and easily towed by a 4 cylinder vehicle).
Tongue ball 1 7/8″
Inside dimensions 8ft long by 4ft wide by 4.5ft tall.
Bed frame unfolded measures 4ft wide by 6.5ft long,
Folded measure 2ft wide by 6.5ft long.
Trailer height from ground to peak is approx. 6.5ft tall.

We live in Albany and have taken this trailer as far west as the Coast and as far east as Oak Ridge. It’s low center of gravity takes corners just fine and it cruises on the highway (in our case 60-65mph for a couple hours at a time) no problem!

If you’d like to schedule an appointment to see it in person please send me a message. Thanks for your time!

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