Pocket Guide to Wild Edible Plants

There are two pages per plant. The 1st displays the plant in its natural growing environment and lists information such as its common name, scientific name, family, habitat, as well as when and what parts to use. The 2nd page notes basic info such as history, preparation, and nutritional value. It also displays photos such as specific edible parts as well as identifiable features.

LADY FERN from The Northwest Forager's Pocket Guide to Wild Edible Plants
Lady Fern – Athyrium filix-femina


Leafy Vegetables:
Bittercress, Stinging Nettle, Chickweed, Siberian Miner’s Lettuce, Wood Sorrel, Lady Fern, Broadleaf Plantain, Cat’s Ear, Nipplewort, Broadleaf Dock, Oxeye Daisy, Lambs Quarter, Purslane.

Root Vegetables:
Dandelion, Wild Onion, Cattail, Queen Anne’s Lace, Field Mustard, Burdock, Camas.

Fruit Berries:
Salmonberry, Red Huckleberry, Thimbleberry, Salal, Evergreen Huckleberry, Elderberry.

Poisonous Look-alikes:
Bracken Fern, Yellow Iris, Poison Hemlock, Death Camas, Red Elderberry.

The Northwest Forager’s Pocket Guide to Wild Edible Plants

(1 Book) 68 pages, 100 color photos, 26 wild edible plants that include their Greens, Flowers, Roots, Seeds & Berries, plus 5 poisonous look-alikes, Elevation Map of Pacific Northwest, Measures 3.5″ by 5″ (truly pocket size), ISBN 978-0-692-07826-6, Text & Photographs by Henry Holly, Copyright 2018, Published by The Northwest Forager, Printed by Lightning Press, NJ (USA).


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