Fruit & Nut Trees

Native fruit and nut trees do more than just provide tasty food for people. They are stately ornamentals forming canopies or dense shrubbery. They create food and homes for wildlife, windbreaks for your landscape, hardwood for furniture and firewood for heat. Once established, they are typically very hardy, resisting both droughts in summer and hard freezes in winter.

Black Walnut (Juglans nigra)

The Black Walnut is an incredible hardwood tree that’s valued for both its edible nuts as well as its lumber. Once established, it grows on average 1 – 3 feet per year and will resist periods of drought and cold snaps. They are self-pollinated, however, will produce higher yields when planted in groups. Trees begin fruiting between 8 – 10 years old. For best results plant in a well-drained area with rich fertile soil. Allow plenty of room between trees. It is cold hardy in zones 5 – 9 and can thrive in most states.

5 Black Walnut Trees. First-Year Bareroot Seedlings (FREE Priority Shipping)

This is a lot of 5 Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) seedlings. Sprouted from an Oregon bearing. Their sizes range from 10 – 18 inches tall. Healthy plants with long taproots, currently in dormancy. Shipment only during dormancy, Nov – April. Shipped via USPS Priority Mail Shipping. Cannot ship to Hawaii or Alaska. For local pickup or lower quantities, please email.


Please check back as inventory is continually being added!

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