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Autumn the Season



Dock Seed Flour

Cooking with Dock Seed Flour

English Daisy

Plantain Common

Silver weed

Stinging Nettle


Urban Foraging

Vancouver BC

Winter Solstice




  1. Greetings! If you are interested in harvesting with more people, I would be interested in sharing in the joy of the trails and meadows! I grew up here ,and live outside of Corvallis. It’s so enjoyable to share the food! I harvest throughout all seasons. Happy trails! I hope to hear from you! Namaste, Raven


    • Greetings Raven! I would absolutely be interested in sharing some wild harvest. Even though I grew up in Oregon I’m still relatively new to Linn County. Perhaps you would be willing to share some tips on great wilderness locations? Do you have a page or site I can visit and keep in touch?
      Cheers! -Henry


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