Now Available! Pocket Guide to Wild Edible Plants


The Northwest Forager’s Pocket Guide to Wild Edible Plants

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Hi Folks!

I am very excited to announce the release of this second print of The Northwest Forager’s Pocket Guide to Wild Edible Plants!

Now with new features! Introducing the “found it!” check box for each plant, easy flip through color coded categories, and extra field note pages to record your findings for future reference.

This true pocket-sized guide (Measuring 3.5″ x 5″) features 26 of the Pacific Northwest’s most common and easy to identify edible plants as well as 5 hazardous look-alikes. It’s convenient size and easy-to-use format make this the ideal field guide to take with you in all your northwest adventures! Never go hiking, camping or hunting again without being prepared to explore the wild flavors of nature’s produce.

How to Use this Guide

The contents have been divided into three categories (Leafy Vegetables, Root Vegetables, Fruit Berries). The plants in each category have been arranged according to seasonal availability. There are two pages per plant. The 1st displays the plant in its natural growing environment and lists information such as its scientific name, growing habitat, as well as when and what parts to use. The 2nd notes basic info such as history, preparation, and nutritional value. It also displays specific edible parts as well as identifiable features. Plants with a common poisonous look-alike will be referenced in the back of the guide.

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5 Star Review!

Over 1,000 copies sold to date!

A huge thank you for every purchase!

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